Spring Sale - LEGO Friends: Mia's Pug Cube Playset Series 4 (41664 ) - Spring Sale Spree-Tacular:£7

Spring Sale - LEGO Friends: Mia's Pug Cube Playset Series 4 (41664 ) - Spring Sale Spree-Tacular:£7

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Spring Sale - LEGO Friends: Mia's Pug Cube Playset Series 4 (41664 ) - Spring Sale Spree-Tacular:&po - Lego Friends Sets

Water motorbike methods over 1" (3cm) higher, 2" (7cm) long and also 1" (4cm) wide.
Lot of Item: 602.
Functions a 4-story structure along with an observation location, laboratory, sea lion play place, rest area, TV room, office, review deck and a jetty.
Blend this saving center dabble the Buddies 41381 Saving Purpose Watercraft, 41376 Turtles Saving Mission and 41378 Dolphins Rescue Mission sets to extend the action-packed fun.
This product calls for 2 x LR 41 1.5 V batteries, which are featured.
Inspire your little builder to dive in on a saving purpose.

This collection belongs to the Pals world of everyday heroes and impressive real-world circumstances.
Age: 6+.
Examination location features a hinged swimming pool to deliver the ocean lions into the center from the outdoors as well as a sea cougar X-ray place.
Different island includes a wood-effect shack with planks that fall away at journalism of a switch to discharge the entraped ocean cougar.
Extra factors feature a water-reactive cloth prize map, light brick, medical guitars, ocean creature and also reefs aspects, life vest, fins, diving safety helmet, fishing pole and pipes, fish, walkie-talkie, cumulative glass, round, camera, telescope, satellite dish and a Heartlake City cup.
Make use of the Life application to access this developments established's instinctive Instructions PLUS structure guidelines. Help also much younger builders via the building process, with simple zoom, spin and ghost-mode features to imagine their productions as they go.
Children may profess to keep ships protected from the shore with the watchtower's blinking light block.
Let your youngster role-play the savior!
Aid your child to discover how to take care of a creature's health and wellbeing.
Buddies sets make an optimal Christmas time gift or even gift for the holiday for imaginative youngsters.
Water-reactive cloth treasure chart incorporates an aspect of Surprise.
This set includes 2 mini-doll numbers: Mia and Emma, plus 1 dolphin, 1 bird, 1 turtle and also 2 sea cougar figures.
Lighthouse version measures over 11" (29cm) higher, 9" (25cm) wide as well as 5" (13cm) deeper.
Pals toys urge innovative play, and make developing artistic and exciting.

Join Friends Mia and Emma in the Watchtower Saving Center as they browse the seas. When a phone call happens in for a pet saving, race off on Mia's water mobility scooter and also head to the island to save a sea lion caught in a shack. Assist her break through the panels to free the ocean lion and also discover a magic treasure map! Take the sea cougar back to the lighthouse where Mia can easily utilize her vet's tools to manage him. When he's experiencing better, let him recover in the play pool and find how his pals are carrying out on the display in the remainder region just before returning him to the ocean down the rescue center playset's slide.

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