Sale - Proven Aviator Dual-Output Multi-Spectrum LED. - Spectacular Savings Shindig:£90

Sale - Proven Aviator Dual-Output Multi-Spectrum LED. - Spectacular Savings Shindig:£90

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Sale - Proven Aviator Dual-Output Multi-Spectrum LED. - Spectacular Savings Shindig:£90 - Surefire Flashlight

Weatherproof-- O-ring and also covering secured.
Product DetailsSurefire Aviator Dual-Output Multi-Spectrum LED.
TIR lens designs white or colored illumination into focused beam along with ample grasp and also border illumination for shut- to medium-range applications.
Bezel Dimension 1.06 ins (2.7 cm).
Constructed of high-strength aerospace light weight aluminum with Mil-Spec anodizing; stainless steel pocket clip; coated, solidified window.
Powered through a singular energy-dense 123A electric battery along with 10-yearshelf life.
A lightweight, rugged Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum body system, coverings, and also O-ring tapes safeguard versus the factors, while a durable stainless-steel clip keeps this indispensable little light safely stowed in your pocket, pack, or-as its aeronautical name suggests-flight bag.
Batteries 1 123A(included).
Brownish-yellow Low 5 lumens/ 29 hrs *.
Red strengthens comparison as well as assistances in reading red-light-readable topographic charts.
Yellow-Green High 39 lumens/ 12 hrs *.
Blue much more accurately defines forms in the outsides and aids identify blood and gas fluid.
Weight w/Batteries 3.1 ounces.
Red Low 1 lumen/ 57 hrs *.
On-the-fly bezel switching between white colored illumination, colored light, and disable method; no filter needed.
Virtually undestroyable white-light and colored LEDs managed to optimize outcome and also runtime.
Runtime Low White 20.5 Hrs *.
Blue High 4 lumens/ 12 hours *.

Output High White 250 Lumens.
Spec Keep in minds All efficiency states checked to ANSI/NEMA FL1-2009 Criterion.
Reddish High 39 lumens/ 3 hours *.
Backed by SureFire's No Hassle Warranty.
Golden High 20 lumens/ 2.75 hours *.
Outcome Low White 5 Lumens.
The ultra-compact, dual-output Aviator transforms a classic SureFire layout to provide a key white colored LED and also subsequent perverted LED in one enclosed mind, both concentrated in to an useful light beam with adequate scope and also surround light by a proprietary Total Inner Reflection (TIR) lens. Falsify and also draw Aviator's self-locking selector ring to prepare it to white colored or perverted illumination, no filter required-there's even a system-disable setting to prevent unexpected account activation. The major LED creates 250 lumens of soft, intense white colored light above and also an uncomplicated 5 lumens on reduced. Only push or even click on the shrouded tailcap button to turn on low output of the selected sphere at brief- or constant-on; immediately loyal to trigger high outcome. There are actually 4 separate designs to select from, each featuring a different colored second LED to help preserve eye tiredness and aid get the job done the following methods:.
2 outcome levels-- high for optimum lighting, low for extensive runtime.
Yellow-Green Reduced 3 lumens/ 58 hrs *.

Golden enhances contrast and carries out not degrade scotopic or evening adjusted sight.
Runtime High White 1.5 Hrs *.
Yellow-Green is complimentary to the different colors spectrum used in most cabins.
Dejected Low 0.4 lumens/ 49 hrs *.
Size 4.18 inches (10.6 centimeters).

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